Leaving no stone unturned while flooding Arlington, Texas and surrounding cities of the DFW.  While servicing the all men, women and children of every ethnicities with the latest and most unique cuts and styles.

     Presidential Kutz has continued to satisfy our client’s appetite with a level of confidence to rule the world. Everything from simply breathing life into a hair cut; to full intricate designs with color.

     Our timing and consistency proves that you shouldn’t have to wait hours in a barbershop to get a hair cut. Our professionalism has helped us build long-term relationships with his on growing clientele base; while still providing excellent customer service to each and every single client.

     We understands the need to create a unique experience and a sense of exclusivity. Our intuitive approach and creative eye that helps you to look better than you ever imagine you could and that’s Presidential…

Kid's Kutz (12 & under)
Teen's Kutz (13 & Older)
Edge Up
Parts / Designs
$5 & up
Specialty Services
$5 & up (Additional)
Women's Kutz
Mustache & Beard Lining
Men's Beard Shave
Bronz Kutz
Gold Package
Platinum Package
Presidential Package


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